ADV16 Internal Float Operated Automatic Drain Valve

ADV16 Internal Float Operated Automatic Drain Valve

CompAir 98650-1485 Float Operated Automatic

CompAir 98650-1485 Float Operated Automatic

ADV3000 Internal Float Operated Automatic Drain Valve

ADV3000 Internal Float Operated Automatic Drain Valve

ADV16 Internal Float Operated Automatic Drain Valve

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3/8" ID (10mm) Tube Outlet, Normally Closed

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Our ADV16 Float Operated Drain Valve is a universal Replacement for most Manufacturer's
Filter Housings float type drain. This Normally Closed drain is Automatic, which operates when the float rises due to accumulated liquid, discharging condensate and debris from within the filter bowl.

Automatic Drains should be used where the filter location may make servicing difficult, where filters may be hidden from view and consequently overlooked, or where equipment is in continual use. Areas where large quantities of liquid may accumulate over a short period of time should be equipped with an auto-drain.


  • A: 2.93"
  • B: 1.47"
  • C: 1.17"
  • 3/8" ID or 10mm Tube Outlet
  • Nitrile Seal

1. Remove bowl by unscrewing bowl or collar, turning unlocking ring, or turn bayonet lock 1/8 turn.

2. Remove manual drain assembly from bowl. Be careful not to scratch or damage the inside surfaces of the bowl.

3. Clean or replace filter element. Clean bowl and all internal parts.

4. Install Automatic Drain on inside of bowl (be sure O-ring is in place between drain and bowl).

5. Install retaining nut loosely - just to hold the drain in place.

6. Replace bowl seal. Lightly lubricate seal to assist with retaining it in position. Use only mineral based oils or grease. Do NOT use synthetic oils such as esters, and Do NOT use silicones.

7. Reassemble bowl into body.

8. Apply system pressure and tighten retaining nut by fingers - DO NOT over tighten.

9. Check for air leaks around bowl joints, on top and bottom, plus discharge hole of drain. Repeat all steps (including shutoff and depressurization) if leaks occur.

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