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Air Dryer Size and Location Both Influence Equipment Performance

Air dryers are usually evaluated to reach a certain moisture level (e.g. 40°F pressure dew point) for a specific air flow volume (cfm). These nominal flow ratings are based on a set of standard conditions (100 psig, 100°F inlet temperature, and 100°F ambient temperature). With actual conditions varying day to day and seldom identified as standard, compressed air dryers may be over or undersized based on how these are selected.

The art of dryer sizing involves understanding the effects of pressure and temperature to water content in air. Water vapor content in air is directly proportional with temperature -- when temperature rises, the air’s water-holding capability also increases. In general, every 20°F increase in inlet air temperature may double the water load on a dryer. Oppositely, water vapor content of air changes inversely with pressure – when pressure increases, moisture is squeezed out. These two correlations bring about compressed air dryer correction factors (provided by the manufacturer) to assist in evaluating the amount of air a dryer can essentially handle for particular ambient conditions. When it comes to deciding on which correction factors to use, it is recommended to go with the worst case scenario that is normally during the hotter summer. Undersized dryers lead to low quality air while oversized dryers waste resources like electricity. As a cost-effective solution, dryers must be correctly sized to ensure proper installation fit.

Aside from sizing, compressor and dryer location can also influence compressed air dryer performance. As cooler air goes to the compressor, dryer inlet temperature becomes lower. It advised that if the compressor room is humid, the dryer should be relocated to a cooler station for boosted effectiveness.

Learning about how over- or under-sized dryers can lead to poor air quality and how dryer location can affect unit performance significantly help avoid potential equipment issues. Knowledge on these combined with usage of durable and highly efficient dryers secure optimal compressed air system and industrial facility operation. At CompressorParts.com, a wide range of premium quality new dryers and pre-owned dryers from major manufacturers are available. Get value-priced air dryers without compromising performance. Browse our product selection by visiting http://www.compressorparts.com/dryers today!