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Atlas Copco Reveals Its Latest Range of Energy-Saving Vacuum Pumps

Atlas Copco has introduced its latest range of VSD-controlled vacuum pumps, the GHS 350-900 VSD+ oil-sealed, rotary screw vacuum pumps. Developed for four years with more than 35,000 hours of field trials, the newest offering asserts delivering up to 50% energy savings weighed against conventional fixed-speed oil-sealed and dry vane pumps.

Innovatively designed with reduced routine cost in mind, the GHS VSD+ series comes with a VSD control that adjusts vacuum generation based on the demands of the process it is supplying. Each unit allows usage of a motor that is one frame size smaller than usual for most of its applications. Combining this with the motors’ IE3 efficiency ratings offers substantial energy savings.

These vacuum pumps feature an advanced inlet control valve for vacuum control modulation working with the VSD and were built to produce general displacements of up to 900m3/h. Atlas Copco has relied on Yaskawa inverters for its early models but is projecting to use its own drives in larger motors or high-efficiency permanent magnet motors for the series’ later versions. The pumps also showcase similar components and technologies with Atlas Copco’s VSD-controlled compressors.

Created to deliver optimal performance at operating pressures in industrial applications, the vacuum series presents lower noise levels ideal for use on factory floors, higher quality discharged air, sustainable productivity in compliance to ISO 50001/14001, and reduced environmental impact with its ultra-high oil retention at all operating temperatures. These vacuum pumps suck the oil around the circuit instead of pumping it and therefore enhancing oil retention efficiency, lowering risks of oil spills, and providing a cleaner working environment.

The GSS VSD+ series is aimed at rough vacuum applications like lifting, handling, forming, shaping, vacuum packing, cooling, freeze drying, pick-and-place, and conveying.

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