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FS-Curtis CA15 15E15H1S-A4D

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FS-Curtis CA15 15E15H1S-A4D


FS-Curtis Simplex 15HP Compressor 120 Horizontal CA15 460V.

For automotive, light industrial and other challenging applications, CA Series compressors are built to last. Components are selected based on durability and performance, ensuring that your CA Series compressor delivers reliable performance in demanding applications. Precision-machined components and a dedication to materials of construction that are meant for real world working conditions further assure long-term durability.

  • No Start-up Kit Required!Factory-filled with RC-1000 lubricant.
  • 46.5 cfm @ 175psi
  • 100% cast-iron cylinders, cylinder heads, connecting rods, and high pressure pistons, providing significantly more durability than pumps with aluminum components.
  • Deep-finned cast-iron cylinders and heads and robust intercooler increase compressor efficiency and ensure cool operation.
  • Ductile iron crankshaft is stronger, more corrosion-resistant and less likely to break.
  • High-flow, heavy-duty stainless steel channel valve system delivers more cfm per horsepower.
  • Precision-fit, industrial-grade main roller bearings supporting all rotating parts plus slow turning pump add up to longer pump life.
  • Oil level sight glass is conveniently located for easy monitoring.
  • Metal intake filter/silencer is superior to plastic.
  • 1 Year Factory Warranty extends to 5 years with registration and use of FS-Curtis maintenance products.
  • Industrial Design delivers the most robust air compressor in its class, providing higher pressures, better efficiency, and longer life than entry level models, and making the CA Series ready to handle the most rugged, heavy-duty applications.